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Elite Pilot

Elite Pilot is a Sponsored Program by VikingUAS to put together the best X Class Size Drone Pilots in the world.  Our goal at VikingUAS is to provide the Movie and Cinematography Industry a resource for finding pilots.   VikingUAS is only endorsing pilots who have competed in an X Class Race and or those currently competing as and Auto Member and are competing on circuit.  We also understand that there are a limited number of locations around the country and oversees currently supporting X Class so if your a Free Style pilot that fly's aircraft between 800 mm-1200 mm and you want to submit your video to our team to be reviewed and considered please email us thru the Contacts Page.  This page is setup for the pilots to show you their skills, we hope this helps you find the pilot you have been looking for to get the million dollar shot.

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Jonathan Collazo

Jonathan Collazo

Hometown: Northern California

Maker: Mechanically Inclined
Serial Founder
Co-Founder: Ostrich Air
Advisor: Aptonomy Inc
CEO: Level 10 Aerial
Commercial Drone Builder & Test Pilot

Aircraft Carrier




Under car


Lucas Dearborn.jpg

Lucas Dearborn aka Droner


Hometown: Southaven, MS

Travel For Productions: Anywhere

Lucas Dearborn aka. Droner entered the FPV Drone scene in the summer of 2016 immediately after seeing a Drone Racing League video on Facebook. A month later he was racing locally and even traveling to a regional event. Shortcut to Muncie, IN 2018 at the MultiGP International Open where Droner is plugging in his first X Class Racing drone like it was his first race again.

Dearborn helps organize his local MultiGP chapter 901FPV as well as traveling around the nation representing Team White Goat as one of their 7 active racers. Living in Southaven, MS he spends most of his time in Tennessee flying with friends and at his AMA Club "Millington Barnstormers Aeromodeling Club" practicing. Recently passing his Part 107, Lucas plans to make flying drones his career.

Hometown: Southaven, MS

FPV Racing Team: Team White Goat

MultiGP Chapter: 901FPV

National Races Completed: 4

Club Races Completed: 65

2nd Place X Class International Open

2nd Place Pro Class at MegaDrone X 2018

2nd Place Southeast 2018 Regional Series


Backyard Flying Goat1


X Class Final Heat Goat1 POV


X Class Final Heat Line of Sight




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Emmanuel "UFO" Mota

Personal Bio:

Professional drone racing pilot Emmanuel "UFO" Mota hails from Northern California. A cinematographer by trade, he uses his trained eye to produce cinematic video content for numerous brands. You can see him on TV racing drones on DRL's 2018 season on ESPN.

Hometown: Northern California


Tony marchant (thetonstar1 fpv)

Home town Crawley UK

Tonstar has been flying 3 years and loves racing and freestyle

and now xclass! He has been a part of team Fossils stuff for 3 years Fossils stuff is a uk quad manufactuer

He ia also in Team Menace rc a uk Manufactuer of Antennas

He has flown for Propel in london with there star wars Drones he

also has flown for Argos making a tv advert

And at uk comic con tiny whoops with Jessie perkins

and Channel 4 uk tv too

He also hosts a podcast every Thursday called lets drone out

Racing achievements.......

2nd at Suffolk fpv races

2nd at EMHC

3rd at EMHC

2nd at fpv league.co.uk

6th at 1st ever uk Nationals

Here are some videos from his u tube

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LXyqVSnR7M&t=79s Tv advert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoQ-ljJaVro Racing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=223101rMBpk xclass demo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MisJEqcvWA freestyle

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE9ewFPnDkObIon8fY3NgkA Lets drone out

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Kevin Sellers

Pilot Name: Kevin Sellers
Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area
Business: Chief Engineer and Lead Demo Pilot, XFold/ZM Interactive, Inc. (http://www.xfoldrig.com/)
Previous employment: Sound Editor, Skywalker Sound (https://www.skysound.com/)
Maker: BFD (First 1000mm racing drone)
Travel for Production: Anywhere Worldwide
Experience: Co-founder, X Class Drone Racing
Pilot, Aerial Sports League

Years flying drones: 5
Memberships and Licenses: Current IATSE member, Part 107 sUAS licensed airman

Kevin has extensive experience in the film industry and drone racing. In his 25 years working in post-production as a sound engineer for Skywalker Sound, his film credits include Star Wars Episode I, II, and III, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Wall-E, Mission: Impossible, and Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s been nominated for the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel seven times, winning twice, and has been nominated for a daytime Emmy.

His IMDb Listing: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0783352/

In addition, Kevin arguably has more experience building and flying large high-speed drones than any other pilot in the world. After revolutionizing the first sport-drone industry by engineering, building, and piloting the first X Class drone at the Drone World Championship in 2016, he now serves as chief engineer of XFold, building high-end cinematography and enterprise drones. In that capacity, he is also XFold’s primary demo pilot — traveling from Wisconsin to Kuala Lumpur to demonstrate XFold’s drones.


X Class Freestyle


Promo for Rancho San Lucas


The Powerful Grrrowl of an X Class Drone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3J4-V6C6HQ&feature=youtu.be

Debut of the First X Class Drone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYDMALkndcw&feature=youtu.be


Shane Traweek

Location - Northern California, U.S.A. but willing to travel.

Shane has been a Drone Pilot for over 4 years with experience in fixed wings as well.

Most of his experience comes from flying small freestyle or racing drones without gimbals, but he actually started on Aerial Photography drones. He has always enjoyed making aerial videos and uploads regularly to his YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/humboldt710

Over the last 4 years Shane has flown his drones many places including Dubai, Hawaii, San Francisco and New York. In the last year he has been focusing more on X Class Racing drones. He designs, builds and races his own frames in the X Class races.

Shane has flown around the country and the world to pursue his passion of drone flight and it has given him an opportunities to show the world from a perspective most people will never get to see first hand.

He has worked on camera with the organization DR1 for their Micro Series drone races in Los Angeles and doesn't mind being in front of the camera or behind it; he just loves to get a nice shot.

He currently holds his FAA Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot Certification

Here are a few samples of his work:


The Gift of Flight

Untouched Coastline

Slow Flow

On 8/21/2018 4:24 PM, ctaylor@vikinguas.com wrote:

Mike Barna.png

Mike Barna

Former International Open Pylon RC Champion

Numerous RC National, Regional, State and Local Trophies in Pattern (ACRO) and Formula One (Pylon)

2018 International Indoor 4 Wall Handball Champion

FPV Racing Team: https://skylinefpv.com

X CLASS Racing Team: https://xclassracers.com

Master of Science in Astronautical and Aeronautical Engineering from Stanford University, specializing in Guidance and Control Systems and Orbital Mechanics

Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Arizona State University

Senior Airline Captain, Boeing 727, 757, 767 Aircraft at FEDEX (Retired)

Former Astronautical Engineer for Lockheed, Hughes Aircraft and United Technologies, specializing in Rockets, Ramjets, Lasers, Spacecraft, Aircraft and Missiles

Founder and President Trading System Lab®, a Silicon Valley AI/Machine Learning in Finance Company

FCC Technicians License

California Real Estate License

NFA Series 3 and 30 Licenses

FAA Part 107 sUAS Pilots License

12 Additional FAA Pilot Licenses or Ratings

Selected by Viking UAS to be the West Coast Cinematography Drone Pilot under IDAPP


Zoe Stumbaugh

Zoe is a drone competition veteran having competed in every kind of drone event-- from combat to drone racing her skills on the sticks are world renown. Having won the first AMA Sanctioned FPV race in the USA- competing internationally in Freestyle, the godmother of 3D drone flying, and a core founder of X Class Drone Racing- having competed in more events than any other pilot in the league. Now with her Part 107 she’s looking to break into the film industry- translating her vast skills and knowledge of drones into a career as a high speed videographer.

(If your looking for a mobile aerial pilot for your commercials or cinematography needs Zoe brings the full package as one of the most recognized aerial pilots in the world she is also and accomplished drone designer and technician being able to keep not only her fleet in air but the production teams as well “Christopher M. Taylor”).

Active Titles
Freestyle Director - Aerial Sports League
Founder - X Class Drone Racing
Founder - Team Dysonian

Advocate - Diversity in Drones
Drone Instructor - Cabrillo College


Equipment Sponsors
IQ Motion Control
HypeTrain Motors
Helios RC




Video Editing with Adobe Premiere

Image Design & Manipulation with Adobe Photoshop

Familiar with Unity3D & Unreal Engine

3D Modeling Experience with Blender, Fusion 360, and 3DS Max, Gravity Sketch & Oculus Medium

Jr Web Developer skills, comfortable with modifying and working with HTML, PHP, CSS, JScript for front end website development.

Past Accomplishments & Work Experience

Won the first AMA Sanctioned FPV Race
2nd Place Drone Worlds 2016 - Freestyle Competition
2015 & 2016 Drone Nationals Freestyle Pilot
Holder of over 20 trophies/title wins in Drone Sports.

Co-Developed the Twitch 109- worlds first GoPro carrying 3inch

Co-Developed the Excaliber Frame with Built Drones, fixed pitch 3D freestyle frame.

Spearheaded the BeeRotor 80amp ESC project, used by DR1 Pro Class, DRL for creating the world's fastest quad, and used extensively as firework displays in X Class Drone Racing.

Early consultant with DR1 Racing for their first drone racing projects.

Consultant and Pilot for Tattu - Helping develop and test new battery tech & designs.

Developer of the “Zoe” 2010-2400kv Brushless Motor, providing increased efficiency and power over many traditional pancake motor designs. Gram for gram still one of the best motors on the market.

Consulted with APC, Master AirScrew, RaceKraft, and GemFan on new propeller designs- having helped develop several 3D props on the market along with helping the creation of the 13x12x3 Master AirScrew prop that has taken over DR1 Pro Class and X Class Drone Racing Respectively.

Motor Tester/Consultant for IQ Motion Control, developing next generation power systems for drones- enable a new realm of flying for 3D paired increased efficiency and smoother operation.

2004-2008 - 4 years of Social Media & Marketing Experience as director of technology at a now defunct creative agency.

2009-2012 - Computer Science Major & Theater Arts Minor at Cabrillo College

2013 - Health Issues

2014-2018 - “Drone Life”


Zoe Stumbaugh
(831) 316-4879