High Speed Movie Drones Are Here...

Over the last 24 months VikingUAS has been working with the likes of T-Motor to develop not only some of the worlds fastest XClass Racing Drones but the next generation of high speed chase Movie Drones.  These drones have seen speeds approaching 100mph with the weight of your favorite cameras the Red Epic and Alexa SXT. What does this mean? It means you as the producer can finally get the shots you want.  Envision the capabilities your doing that high speed motorcycle scene where the actor takes the motorcycle over a cliff at high speed and your can follow him as he punch's his parachute.  The applications are endless in the age of ACTION you need a platform that can perform at the highest levels.  This is no traditional platform it is flown via FPV (First Person View) video goggles.  Range can be upwards of several miles and speeds +/-100mph.  We are currently developing the next pilots to operate these platforms for you today.  In our partnership with XClass Racing we are developing the next generation of high speed action pilots you have been so desiring.  This is happening today you can go to the link below www.xclass.racing.com and watch for yourself.  The possibilities are endless the action will be insane.....the future is here today.  Below is some of the test videos we have done with our Test Pilot Lucas "Droner" Dearborn, he is one of the best high speed drone pilots in the World and is fully operational as a Part 107 pilot.  If your looking for the very best and you need some expensive flight systems flown for your production we highly recommend you going to our "ELITE PILOT" page and looking up Lucas "Droner" Dearborn for your production.  These videos were test videos with one of our new high speed AP quad copters the video shows the motors and props so you and we can see if there is any vibration in the booms thru the air frame.....Enjoy

Octocopter VK 1800.jpg
Movie Drone Octocopter RA16.png

The Aircraft

The Octocopter RA8 has been designed for high speed.  The camera mount is foward facing 2 axis gimbal designed by VikingUAS.  This new 2 axis gimbal allows for abrupt angle and flight dynamic changes without video wobble.  This platform also will feature a center mount quick attach gimbal platform for center mounted 3axis gimbals, this will allow for conventional cinematography operations with one platform.

Octocopter RA8 AR Code.png

Augmented Reality-Octocopter RA 8

Its as easy as going to your app store and downloading edrawPro.  Once downloaded the file below and click the AR button in the edrawing software from there you can view the Octocopter RA8 aircraft.



VikingUAS Uses the TMotor F1000 High performance motor with 6kg of thrust this motor coupled with an advance airframe designed solely for this motor makes a wining combination...

X Class size matter stamp hi rez.png