My name is Danny Lindberg; I am a senior at Bonny Eagle high school. In my high school career I learned to machine, program, and leadership skills from our robotics team. I thrived in the hardworking and cutting edge club; therefore, I decided to join Team Stratosphere to become part of a leading edge, student driven STEM program. Through Team Stratosphere I am a certified UAV pilot, programmer, and electrical engineer. After high school I will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for a double major in aeronautical and aerospace engineering.





My name I Jacob Moss. I am an aspiring engineer, although I have no Idea what my plans are after high school. I enjoy challenging myself, learning new skills, and working with a team; that is why I joined Team Stratosphere. In the short time we have worked, I have learned about aeronautical engineering, programing, fabricating, 3d printing, drafting, and many more skills that will help me develop my career as an engineer. Team Stratosphere is an outstanding resource for a student like myself who is motivated to learn outside of school. I have received my UAV certification and will be piloting a gliding UAV back from record heights. I am incredibly lucky to participate in Team Stratosphere and learn about cutting edge technologies and develop competitive twenty first century skills. 






My name is George Mitchell. I am a Junior at Bonny Eagle High School, I am helping program and design the sensor capsule that will be descending with the glided sensor package and also helping with the GCS systems. I aspire to go to college to learn computer science. Some of my hobbies include playing video game like Dota 2 and playing instruments like piano, guitar, bass guitar and the saxophone.








My name is Christian Taylor, I am one of the pilots for the upcoming missions. I've been 3D modeling our sensor package, updating our website. I enjoy math and science classes and especially enjoy engineering classes. I aspire to be an Astro/aerospace engineer. I enjoy engineering, assembling, and flying multi-rotors.