Industrial Drone Applications Partnership Program

VikingUAS is offering companies throughout the US, Canada, South America and Europe and opportunity to be in our Industrial Drone Applications Partnership Program “IDAPP”. This program brings the manufacture and engineering to the client in the field thru IDAPP. This is important in today’s ever evolving industrial application where new solutions for old problems need to be addressed real time. In this program you the distributor of VikingUAS aircraft and IDAPP member has a sweet of tools to work with as you build business.


Authorized Manufacture Maintenance and Training

As a member one of the most crucial elements about servicing your client be it a Farmer, Law Enforcement or Fire & Rescue or Industrial Application. In the IDAPP Program this is all standardized everything from the Training Manual to Costing and Labor Breakdown sheets are all Standardized and ready for you to start servicing your client.



In IDAPP this is really what separates VikingUAS from all the rest in that in our program as a member this resource is available to you 24/7 365 days a week we understand that work needs to be done and most of the work isn’t completed during the 8-5 work day. Being able to have this service at your finger tips allows you to help your client with cost effective solutions to help them better utilize their VikingUAS Drone. Also with over two decades of engineering and fabrication VikingUAS can also produce parts to support your client on our IDAPP Fixed Price Manufacturing Costing Program that ALL IDAPP members sign. In this all Manufacturing of parts are fixed to an $85 Direct Labor Billing per hour. This cost is across the board if done by VikingUAS or its Manufacturing and Fabrications Partners across the USA. Why is this important? it means your client can affordably create a solution without worried about high cost and over runs.


VikigUAS Systems

VikingUAS has a suite of systems from our very popular 10” Carbon Fiber “LoKi” to our “Transformer Airframe” the “KnaRR” which based on your application can be configured in QuadX, OctoX, Hexa and Dodecacopter. Why is this important because of payload. If you need a drone that needs only to fly for 20 minutes and light sensors the KnaRR 13 would be a great solution if you need a platform that can carry 20lbs and stay up for 45 minutes the KnaRR 24 or 30 in OctoX would be a great solution. If you need higher payloads up to 60 lbs the Dodecacopter could be a the solution. The reason we did this is to promote standardization within the air frame family. In doing this your client can adapt to the evolving industry they are in without needing to purchase a new drone. You the IDAPP member can offer your client the retrofit with maintenance and overall on a fixed price offering that is standardized across all IDAPP members. Why is this important to you and your client? As markets evolve companies using IDAPP members solutions will move from their base operations outward to new markets, to have the resource of the IDAPP network your client can call the IDAPP member closets to them to help retrofit real time their solution. What this means to you is a happy client that will come back for more business.